The following is the SpellCraft, a cancelled SNES game based off of SpellCraft: Aspects of Valor, which released for MS-DOS in 1992. It was being developed by ASCII Corporation and Ybarra Productions and is vastly different from it’s DOS predecessor.

SpellCraft was announced at CES 1992 and was expected to release in the fall of 1993, however, for unknown reasons, it was cancelled. Happily for us, the BBS Warez group “Magical” got a hold of a copy in August 1993 and leaked it to the world. The version we’re presenting today is listed as being Version 01.03f, and appears to be more complete than the version which was leaked by Magical.


  • The dialogue box on the titlescreen features a blue tinted background.
  • Various sound effect differences.
  • The introduction contains more backstory to the game.
  • Miscellaneous graphical and palette differences.
  • Dialogue differences.


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

ROM Information

----| File Data |--------------------------------------------------
System:             Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System           
File:               Spellcraft.1A60.sfc
BitSize:            8 Mbit
Size (Bytes):       1048576
CRC32:              76390095
MD5:                1C415CF78751CC7F0B2BB14F39852C28
SHA1:               A70293F915E5EBDD2C4B3A7ACD428876633964EA
SHA256:             9CC23ACE93E756F18927AAB38C28667DD8E21C0B3A9D56D28F5B6A346DA8834A
----| Detection Data |---------------------------------------------
ROM Type:           LoROM
Cartridge Type:     Normal
----| Header Data |------------------------------------------------
New Maker Code:      N/A
Serial:              N/A
SFX SRAM Size:      0xFF
Title:              SpellCraft           
Map Type:           0x20 (SlowROM-200ns; LoROM-32KB Banks)
ROM Type:           0x00 (ROM)
ROM Size:           0x0A (8 Mbit; Ok)
SRAM Size:          0x00 (None)
Country:            0x01 (USA)
Old Maker Code:     0xB1 (ASCII/Nexoft)
Version:            0x00 (v1.0)
Inverse Checksum:   0xE59F (Ok)
Checksum:           0x1A60 (Ok)

Board / Cartridge Images

Cart Front

Playthrough Video

An overview video created by Hard4Games:

Special Thanks

Massive thanks to Cloud for sending this in for release!


Download SpellCraft (USA) (Prototype) (Ver 01.03f)