The following is a prototype for an American localization of Akuma no Shotaijo by Kemco. This build is dated September 10th and was rescued from a private collection in Indiana.


  • Upon bootup, “Licensed by Nintendo of America” is absent from underneath the Kemco logo.
  • Options are only able to be selected manually via the D-Pad instead of being able to press select to navigate in the final.


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

ROM Information

----| File Data |--------------------------------------------------
System:             Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System        
File:               Uninvited_Sept_10_1990.nes
BitSize:            3 Mbit
Size (Bytes):       393232
CRC32:              057E3F17
MD5:                9972F09F13C943C7704466BDC884E076
SHA1:               30A3AE852D9AED37D0F1FE0A57F617FD720C7886
SHA256:             8B9BB6387B8BAF2E2CBC21178E9BB038BD08D2E94286B097E5F608ABAD424413
----| iNES Header Data |-------------------------------------------
Num ROM Banks:      0x10 (256 KBytes)
Num VROM Banks:     0x10 (128 KBytes)
Mirroring:          0 (Horizontal)
Save RAM:           1 (Yes)
Trainer:            0 (No)
4-Screen VRAM:      0 (No)
VS-System Cartridge:0 (No)
ROM Mapper:         4 (Nintendo MMC3)
Num RAM Banks:      0x00 (None or 8 KBytes)
Display:            0 (NTSC)
----| NES Header Data |--------------------------------------------
Title:              ????????????????
PRG-ROM Checksum:   0xFFFF (Bad; 0xB2FC)
CHR-VROM Checksum:  0xFFFF (Bad; 0x63B0)
PRG Size:           0x15 (33554432 KBytes)
CHR Size:           0x15 (16777216 KBytes)
Mirroring:          0x15 (Horizontal)
Board Type:         0x15
Unknown 1:          0xC7ECC7EC
Maker Code:         0xC7 (Unknown)
Unknown 2:          0xEC
Vectors:            0xC7EC00E849EB
----| Headerless Data |--------------------------------------------
Size (Bytes):       393216
CRC32:              EEBA724F
MD5:                4A8DD2F49552E72C9715B265147932B4
SHA1:               E1D1813D13F3F8DF7ADB456F58CFA4BB920377F9
SHA256:             2F4BFF50B8390DC203A04F8D97AF2858FFB4F2A4C9EAF89BCFE6D49DE25DAAC3

Board / Cartridge Images

Cart Front


Download Uninvited (USA) (Prototype) (September 10)