The following is the second of three known builds for the cancelled Nintendo DS port of puzzle platformer Toki Tori, developed by Two Tribes. Development began around 2007-2008 and it is based on the WiiWare version of the game. Toki Tori would not see a rerelease on a handheld Nintendo system until years later on the 3DS, where gameplay was based on the much newer PC version.

Notably, the game icon and metadata were temporarily lifted from Worms: Open Warfare 2, another project which was being developed by Two Tribes at the time. Compared to the earliest build, this one has some new additions such as stat info, pathfinding visuals, menu background graphics, item switching, and a warp mechanic. Please keep in mind that being such an early build, it’s very prone to crashes.


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

ROM Information

----| File Data |--------------------------------------------------
System:             Nintendo - Nintendo DS        
File:               TOKITORIDS_PROTOTYPE_02.nds
BitSize:            512 Mbit
Size (Bytes):       67108864
CRC32:              B17F80D2
MD5:                DCC1CE145DDD324BC94BFB44849D1601
SHA1:               1B57AA63630BA272199F8094EE07A630FBD974D7
SHA256:             A6CA33F42D3170F33B38DFEC256A7538DF6C57F734209F578B4DC17E93CD0511
----| Header Data |------------------------------------------------
Game Title:                     
Game Serial:        NTRJ (Japan)
Maker Code:         00 (Unknown)
Unit Code:          0x00
Encryption Seed:    0x00
Device Size:        0x09 (Ok; 512 Mbit; 67108864 Bytes; 256 Mbit Size-Fixed)
Asian Region:       0x00
Reserved 1:         0x000000000000000000
Version:            0x00 (v1.0)
Autostart:          0x00 (No)
ARM9 ROM Offset:    0x00004000
ARM9 Entry Address: 0x02000850
ARM9 RAM Offset:    0x02000000
ARM7 ROM Offset:    0x000E1E00
ARM7 Entry Address: 0x02380000
ARM7 RAM Offset:    0x02380000
FNT Offset:         0x00108400
FNT Size:           0x00005882
FAT Offset:         0x0010DE00
FAT Size:           0x00001928
ARM9 Overlay Offset:0x00000000
ARM9 Overlay Size:  0x00000000
ARM7 Overlay Offset:0x00000000
ARM7 Overlay Size:  0x00000000
Normal CMD Setting: 0x00416657
Key1 CMD Setting:   0x081808F8
Icon Address:       0x0010F800
Secure CRC16:       0xC5F5 (Bad; 0x46A8)
Secure Timeout:     0x0D7E
ARM9 Autoload Address:0x02000AC4
ARM7 Autoload Address:0x02380188
Secure Disable:     0x0000000000000000
Used Rom Size:      0x01121E20 (17964576 Bytes)
Header Size:        0x00004000 (16384 Bytes)
Logo CRC16:         0xCF56 (Ok)
Header CRC16:       0x3F08 (Bad; 0x0000)
----| Icon/Title Data |--------------------------------------------
Icon Version:       0x0001
Icon CRC16:         0xDCE5 (Ok)
English Title:
Open Warfare 2

Board / Cartridge Images

Cart Front
Cart Back

Special Thanks

Massive thanks to djedditt for sending this in for release!


Download Toki Tori (Europe) (Prototype) (2)