The following is an extremely early build of Ratatouille. Being dated as being from January 11th 2006, it contains many differences and most items, animations, areas, and models are nowhere to be found within the retail game. Many of the assets are also unfinished or do not show up correctly, with even the menus and text not working as they should, making it very hard to navigate them. Another thing to note is the various crashes that you will eventually come across. Upon a crash the game will display a red flashing screen.

To play this build on Dolphin, first enter Adanced Settings and tick “Enable Emulated Memory Size Override”, then drag the bar to 33 MB for MEM1.


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

ROM Information

----| File Data |--------------------------------------------------
System:             Nintendo - Nintendo GameCube          
File:               RELSAB.iso
BitSize:            10 Gbit
Size (Bytes):       1459978240
CRC32:              524B2418
MD5:                E277AC9371B89AC6C06588A65C4D0C2D
SHA1:               0901C7A4FBBD9A8BA86589513A7D37E546CFB6C6
SHA256:             B60AE1C08CD86E11FD3F0C54A2027A895D8495888C542E9EE6DD884226EE9860
----| Header Data |------------------------------------------------
Game Title:         Sample Game Name
Game Serial:        RELS (Spain)
Maker Code:         AB (Unknown)
Version:            0x00 (v1.0)
Disc Id:            1

Cartridge Images

Cart Front


Download Ratatouille (USA) (Prototype) (Jan 11th 2006)