The following is a prototype of the Japan-only Pikapikanasu Monogatari Shonika wa Itsumo Osawagi, developed by Nippon Columbia for the Nintendo 3DS.


  • The differences within this build are currently unknown. If you happen to know the game well and know the differences between the retail release and this prototype, please let us know!


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

ROM Information

== Reading file 'nurse_demo_1004.cia'...
-- Nintendo 3DS Application Package detected
----- SMDH -----
Title:       'pikapikanasumonogatari窶ヲDemo'
Full Title:  'pikapikanasumonogatari
              syounikahaitumooosawagi Demo'
Publisher:   'NIPPON COLUMBIA CO., LTD.'
Region Code: [*] Japan     [ ] USA   [ ] Europe
             [ ] Australia [ ] China [ ] South Korea
             [ ] Taiwan
Age Ratings: CERO=A
----- CIA -----
Title ID:    '00040002-001AE501'
Version:     '0.0.0 (v0)'
Issuer:      'Debug'
Console ID:  '00000000'
|#| Type  |Encryption|Version|   Size    |
|0|SRL    |CIA       |''     |104.9 MiB  |
|1|Unknown|CIA       |''     |1,772.0 KiB|
-- Internal icon is present (use -x0 to extract)
   Format : ARGB32
   Size   : 48 x 48

Special Thanks

Massive thanks to lasscat for sending this in for release!


Download Pikapikanasu Monogatari Shonika wa Itsumo Osawagi (Japan) (Prototype) (2)