The following DVD was distributed to Nintendo Merchandising Inc representatives and/or press, and provided a brief outline of Nintendo’s “who are you” advertising campaign.


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ROM Information

LBA[000016, 0x00010]: Volume Descriptor

Volume Descriptor Type: 1
Standard Identifier: CD001
Volume Descriptor Version: 1
System Identifier:                                 
Volume Identifier: DVDVOLUME                       
Volume Space Size: 81744
Volume Set Size: 1
Volume Sequence Number: 1
Logical Block Size: 2048
Path Table Size: 42
Location of Occurrence of Path Table: 257
Location of Optional Occurrence of Path Table: 0
Length of Directory Record: 34
Extended Attribute Record Length: 0
Location of Extent: 261
Data Length: 2048
Recording Date and Time: 2003-10-07T12:32:04-07:00

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Special Thanks

Massive thanks to kazoodac for sending this in for release!


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