We have preserved an internal Nintendo employee safety video disc from 2004! The video was intended for Nintendo Merchandising Inc representatives and features Wario, who mentions that he is his own supervisor at Nintendo, as he assists the narrator in walking new hires through the safety precautions one must take when working with Nintendo retail products within stores.


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LBA[000016, 0x00010]: Volume Descriptor

Volume Descriptor Type: 1
Standard Identifier: CD001
Volume Descriptor Version: 1
System Identifier:                                 
Volume Identifier: DVDVOLUME                       
Volume Space Size: 483408
Volume Set Size: 1
Volume Sequence Number: 1
Logical Block Size: 2048
Path Table Size: 42
Location of Occurrence of Path Table: 257
Location of Optional Occurrence of Path Table: 0
Length of Directory Record: 34
Extended Attribute Record Length: 0
Location of Extent: 261
Data Length: 2048
Recording Date and Time: 2004-10-21T12:26:39-07:00

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TF416C04208GB (Mould SID)
GD000245 0106 (Mastering Code)

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Special Thanks

Massive thanks to Rezrospect for sending this in for release!


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