The following is a prototype of the Nintendo DS firmware. It was recovered from an X4 prototype unit and the menu notes it as being ver. 40820D. The unit itself contains the extremely low serial of NTPAB20003. Just about every aspect of this version is different from the retail release.


  • Upon boot a sound file of children shouting “Nintendo!” will play.
  • The Nintendo Game Boy Advance logo will appear on the top screen instead of the DS logo.
  • The menu itself is completely different and list-based instead of the spread out options like retail.
  • When a game is inserted, the menu will show up for a very limited amount of time before automatically launching the game.


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Media Images

Origin Front
Origin Back

Special Thanks

Massive thanks to MasChief for sending this in for release!


Download Nintendo DS Firmware (Japan) (Prototype) (ver. 40820D)