The following is a prototype of Metal Max by Data East. It contains a few differences ranging from: Different tile layouts, text differences, different music tracks, and more.


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

ROM Information

----| File Data |--------------------------------------------------
System:             Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System     
File:               Metal_Max_1-31_proto.nes
BitSize:            4 Mbit
Size (Bytes):       524304
CRC32:              686A0FB1
MD5:                89623446889D3EA4AE17390F65D23611
SHA1:               6B45C9352E55FC6C2B8CFA9EA0EF40AFCCB4ABA2
SHA256:             42EEED885C4982F148303E6CB0D73970CD1240E0E3D5DD82760337D6ADD4F542
----| iNES Header Data |-------------------------------------------
Num ROM Banks:      0x10 (256 KBytes)
Num VROM Banks:     0x20 (256 KBytes)
Mirroring:          0 (Horizontal)
Save RAM:           1 (Yes)
Trainer:            0 (No)
4-Screen VRAM:      0 (No)
VS-System Cartridge:0 (No)
ROM Mapper:         4 (Nintendo MMC3)
Num RAM Banks:      0x00 (None or 8 KBytes)
Display:            0 (NTSC)
----| NES Header Data |--------------------------------------------
Title:               ???
 ?? d???4
PRG-ROM Checksum:   0x584C (Bad; 0x015D)
CHR-VROM Checksum:  0x00D0 (Bad; 0x0523)
PRG Size:           0x15 (33554432 KBytes)
CHR Size:           0x15 (16777216 KBytes)
Mirroring:          0x15 (Horizontal)
Board Type:         0x15
Unknown 1:          0xFFFFFFFF
Maker Code:         0xFF (Unknown)
Unknown 2:          0xFF
Vectors:            0x22D130FF52D1
----| Headerless Data |--------------------------------------------
Size (Bytes):       524288
CRC32:              CE2CBD09
MD5:                AFAC05E5A54F5E55AFF360E99CD45FF7
SHA1:               A44485453AB9727ABFC58A7F1022E1DA496AA836
SHA256:             CEC954EBB16D100DF2B362FC6E4251FF02A0A0F269855B36026DB766C044D761

Board / Cartridge Images

Cart Front

Special Thanks

Massive thanks to Zoda-Y13 for sending this in for release!


Download Metal Max (Japan) (Prototype)