Today we’ve preserved the Gateway 64 host software! For those who don’t know, the Gateway 64 was the system powering the Lodgenet Nintendo 64 service for hotel guests. This software enabled developers to test game builds on the Gateway 64 debugger unit and also could convert them to be compatible with units for hotel use. Each build generated is encrypted and converted to little-endian format, the type of encryption format is currently unknown.


To see what compliance standards devs had to follow to submit their games to the Gateway 64, check out these requirements from Nintendo of America here.

Please note that the software will not run without a Gateway Host adapter. To get around this, a dll was created by Windoze999 to simulate it and allow it to boot.


Special Thanks

Massive thanks to BehindTheCode for helping to coordinate this release!


Download Gateway 64 Host v1.2 (Lodgenet Software)