This is a prototype of Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story by Virgin Interactive. Some differences that could be noted are as follows: Virgin logo screen is different and is missing the Acclaim logo, the titlescreen just says Dragon, with no subtitle of “The Bruce Lee Story”, the titlescreen graphics are completely different, after waiting it displays the best scores and some gameplay much more frequently than the final game, AI does not seem to be complete, and there is no dedicated game options screen.


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Debug Options

Upon boot, the game contains a “User Options” screen where you can access different stages, a sound test, and other debug options. It also lists the date “23rd April 93 17:51” at the bottom of this screen. There’s also a slow-mo mode debug feature which can be found by accessing the pause menu in-game.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

ROM Information

----| File Data |--------------------------------------------------
System:             Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System       
File:               Dragon_-_The_Bruce_Lee_Story_USA_Proto.SFC
BitSize:            3 Mbit
Size (Bytes):       442032
CRC32:              6715E04E
MD5:                2F7DB74C66532E1EF33A082A90CB8046
SHA1:               DB0058C81772096A20D74B34DE4A10128670F889
SHA256:             122C50B1358BEE9575E184B980C894021DC0386828C4D5C52A21BE61229ECF98
----| Detection Data |---------------------------------------------
ROM Type:           LoROM
Cartridge Type:     Normal
----| Header Data |------------------------------------------------
New Maker Code:      N/A
Serial:              N/A
SFX SRAM Size:      0xFF
Title:              DRAGON - Bruce Lee   
Map Type:           0x20 (SlowROM-200ns; LoROM-32KB Banks)
ROM Type:           0x00 (ROM)
ROM Size:           0x0A (8 Mbit; Bad)
SRAM Size:          0x00 (None)
Country:            0x00 (Japan)
Old Maker Code:     0x00 (Unknown)
Version:            0x00 (v1.0)
Inverse Checksum:   0xAAAA (Bad; 0xB7FE)
Checksum:           0x5555 (Bad; 0x4801)

Board / Cartridge Images

Cartridge Front

Special Thanks

Massive thanks to GamingLegend64 for sending this in for release!


Download Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story (USA) (Prototype)