This is a prototype of Donkey Kong Country 3’s GBA port by Rare Ltd. The cartridge labels this build as v0.6 and gives us the date of May 6th, 2005, which was the same month that the port was unveiled at E3 2005. It contained quite a few differences that could be noted for such as: built in cheats do not function, various menu and text changes, graphic changes, mini-game differences, and more. Another point of interest is that it is using the game code for the first Donkey Kong Country port (A5NE) instead of the game code used for the retail game (BDQE).


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

ROM Information

----| File Data |--------------------------------------------------
System:             Nintendo - Game Boy Advance           
File:               RAREDKC3_A5NE.GBA
BitSize:            128 Mbit
Size (Bytes):       16777216
CRC32:              8DD750EF
MD5:                132AC906D53969643A2A117425A7BCB5
SHA1:               6E4855197B7DEFFD089DFDE46875BEBDC4739FA2
SHA256:             6B3057E1289E3362614AEC552C0D7FE5E3ABCC3204833F43FB4E4592D9993E85
----| Header Data |------------------------------------------------
ROM Entry Point:    EA00002E
Logo Code:          Ok
Title:              RAREDKC3    
Serial:             A5NE (USA)
Maker Code:         01 (Nintendo)
Fixed Value:        0x96 (Ok)
Unit Code:          0x00
Device Code:        0x00
Reserved 1:         0x00000000000000
Version:            0x00 (v1.0)
Complement:         0xB8 (Ok)
Reserved 2:         0x0000
----| Backup Media |-----------------------------------------------
Chip:               EEPROM_V124
Size:               4/64 Kbit

Board / Cartridge Images

Cart Front
Cart Back


Download Donkey Kong Country 3 (Prototype) (May 6th 2005)