This is a prototype of Pokemon Rumble World. This build is identified as being from Jul 16, 2015 and contains a debug menu as well as debug text printed along the bottom of the screen. Other gameplay differences within the data are currently unknown.


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ROM Information

== Reading file '0004000000164600_v00_2.cia'...
-- Nintendo 3DS Application Package detected
----- SMDH -----
Title:           'Pokテゥmon Rumble World'
Full Title:      'Pokテゥmon Rumble World'
Publisher:       'Nintendo'
Region Code:     [*] Japan     [*] USA   [*] Europe
                 [*] Australia [*] China [*] South Korea
                 [*] Taiwan
Age Ratings:     CERO=A, ESRB=E10+, USK=6, PEGI=7, PEGI-PT=6, BBFC=7, ACB=PG, GRB=RP, CGSRR=RP
----- CIA -----
Title ID:        '00040000-00164600'
Product Code:    'CTR-N-KCFA'
Logo:            'Nintendo'
Version:         '0.0.0 (v0)'
Issuer:          'Retail'
Console ID:      '00000000'
|#| Type |Encryption| Version  |  Size   |
|0|CXI   |NoCrypto  |0.0.2 (v2)|107.0 MiB|
|1|Manual|NoCrypto  |0.0.0 (v0)|2.37 MiB |
----- ExHeader -----
Process Name:    'CaviarF'
Type:            'Application'
Flags:           [ ] CompressExefsCode [*] SDApplication
Old3DS Sys Mode: 'Prod (64 MiB)'
New3DS Sys Mode: 'Prod (124 MiB)'
New3DS CPU Mode: [*] L2 Cache [*] 804 MHz

Board / Cartridge Images

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