This is a prototype of Manhattan Project by Radical Entertainment. This build is dated as 6.12.97. The game ended up being rebranded as “Blood Lines” and released in 1998.


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ROM Information

== Reading file 'Manhattan_Project_6.12.97_-_PSX.bin'...
-- ISO-9660 Disc Image detected
System ID:          ''
Volume ID:          'MANHATTAN_PROJECT_6_12_97_PSX'
Volume Size:        '13.3 MiB'
Volume Set:         'UNDEFINED'
Publisher:          ''
Data Preparer:      ''
Application:        'IMGBURN V2.5.8.0 - THE ULTIMATE IMAGE BURNER!'
Copyright File:     ''
Abstract File:      ''
Bibliographic File: ''
Creation Time:      14/10/20 17:09:29
Modification Time:  14/10/20 17:09:29
Expiration Time:    Unknown
Effective Time:     Unknown                                                                  

Disc Images

Cart Board

Playthrough Video

A gameplay video play through played by Obscure Gamers:

Special Thanks

Massive thanks to GamingLegend64 for sending this in for release!


Download Manhattan Project (Prototype) (6.12.97)