(This was a joint release between us and our good friends at Gaming Alexandria!)

Yakyuu-kyou (AKA Play Ball), is a top down rendition of the sport similar to the Nintendo version of Baseball. There are wide and close-in views of the bases and a fully selectable team with different stats, positions, and the ability to change their names as well. For a fairly standard sports game, it was far ahead of it’s time in terms of simulation. At large each of these games are easy to play because they have a good deal of English, though one may miss out on the nuances.

You can download high quality scans for the packaging here.





Disk / Packaging Scans

Yakyuu-kyou (SMC-777) - Front Cover

Yakyuu-kyou (SMC-777) - Back Cover

Yakyuu-kyou (SMC-777) - Spine

Yakyuu-kyou (SMC-777) - Insert

Yakyuu-kyou (SMC-777) - Disk


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